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The top three hiking destinations within 10 miles of Philly

By April 24, 2017No Comments

Springtime in Philly calls for hiking. The temperature has yet to reach its scorching peak, providing gentle sunshine, soothing breezes and a perfect reason to get outside and exercise. So pack a lunch and explore these three hiking destinations just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city to feel like an adventure – yet still close enough to not feel like you’re wasting half your day getting there!

1. The Wissahickon

The Wissahickon is probably the closest you’ll come to mountainous hiking in Philadelphia. With 57 miles of lush trails incorporating the namesake creek that runs through it all, you’ll forget you’re near a busy city.

But don’t discount the Wissahickon if you’re seeking an easy hike! You can choose the route that best suits your needs. You’ll see many people out with their kids and dogs.

You can also horseback ride on the upper trails. There are three public stables in the Wissahickon where you can ride and take lessons. They include Courtesy Stable in Roxborough, Monastery Stables in West Mount Airy and Northwestern Equestrian Facility in Chestnut Hill. In order to ride on the trail, you’ll need to obtain a permit.

When you’re done hiking, you can stop by the Valley Green Inn for a hearty meal like grilled cheese with brie, caramelized onions and hickory bacon. What’s more satisfying than an early morning sweat followed by brunch?

2. Valley Forge National Historic Park

Valley Forge contains 19.5 miles of marked hiking trails like the 6.6-mile Joseph Plumb Martin Trail that covers key historic sites and the Mount Joy and Mount Misery trails known for their hills. In addition to its hiking trails, Valley Forge also has 21 miles of authorized biking trails, with connections to both Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

If you’re searching for a hardcore workout, you can bike to Valley Forge from Philadelphia and then proceed to hike, bike or picnic. The bike ride from Philadelphia takes about two hours and is a popular routine done by Philly’s more intense exercise fanatics.

Valley Forge also houses more than 315 species of animals – 225 of which are birds – and 730 plant species! The park is one of the few protected areas in southeast Pennsylvania, so you can be sure to find this biodiversity on the trails.

3. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

Located in Tinicum Township, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is right near the Philadelphia airport. It has the most diverse topography on this list as it includes five habitats: tidal marsh, impounded water, woods, meadow and field. John Heinz NWR has more than 10 miles of trails, the most popular being the “Impoundment Trail” around the body of water and two boardwalks that cross the impoundment.


In addition to being a great hiking and canoeing spot, John Heinz NWR is one of 44 Important Mammal Areas designated by the Pennsylvania Wildlife Federation. There’s a good chance you’ll see a red fox or otter while hiking (and how awesome of an Instagram would that be?!). You can also always find a bird-watching crew observing 350+ species, including the bald eagle.

Additionally, the refuge protects the largest remaining freshwater tidal marsh in Pennsylvania. To learn more about the mammals at John Heinz, check out this page all about wildlife and habitat!

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