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Say hello to your team

I know you’re saying what an odd team to market a business and build websites with. 

Luke Eccles

Owner Operator

Luke come from the birth of social media marketing, being a musician spamming people on myspace back when Tom was your first friend on your profile. (If you don't get that reference you're much younger than him.) He has multiple albums released on iTunes & Spotify as well as a comedy channel on YouTube.

He lives in the Phoenixville PA area & is a snowbird during the winter spending time with family in the Sarasota Florida area where he spent his days as a child.
If you pay attention to his posts you will see videos of his travels & shenanigans. His core belief in marketing is that business owners should be genuine & authentic with how they showcase themselves as well as their business.


Lead Beggar

Shiloh is a Jack Russell / Pug mix. He enjoys watching people intensely when food is involved, he's a professional peeping Tom but has never been arrested or charged, and enjoys long walks anywhere. He doesn't understand the word NO when making out with a lady and is often the cause for concern with HR. He's a huge fan of his dad's band Sun Blind and has actually done backup vocals on a demo track (not a joke....).


Model, Monster, Wrecking Ball

Koi is not a fish. He wants everyone to be aware of that for some reason. He is a Jack Russell / Pug / Cocker Spaniel mix with now spacial awareness. He is often referred to Luke Shadow or growth. He's extremely needy. You can follow his instagram channel for more glammer shots.
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