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6 Principles to Perfect Persuasion

By April 25, 2017No Comments

6 Principles to Perfect Persuasion

Highly persuasive people don’t fall into a single personality type, but they all share some fundamental skills. Here are six key principles to follow to be more persuasive:

Present the positive. Always position your points in a positive manner. For example, when sharing the benefits of a product or service like tax preparation, “get your tax refund faster” is more positive than “avoid penalties for late filing.”

Paint an image. Connect with your clients’ imaginations by painting a picture of an improved future experience. For example, a projected return on investment is more meaningful when a client can envision how it will improve her lifestyle in retirement versus simply sharing a number.

Convey your certainty. Be confident in what you have to offer clients. If you truly believe in the benefits of what you do or provide, clients will believe in it too.

Don’t make assumptions about what people need, want or can afford. Ask questions to learn more about their situations. Offer what you provide and the merits of each option. Let them decide which options are best for their unique circumstances.

Urgency is key. If there is no reason for clients to act now, you will be less likely to persuade them to do anything. Create a sense of urgency by showing clients all the benefits of acting quickly.

Transfer your energy. You don’t have to have a high-energy personality to convey energy. Form bonds with each client through consistent eye contact, humor, excitement and active listening.

With practice, you can quickly improve your persuasiveness in just about any situation.

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