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How to Add your band as a Host for a Facebook Event

By February 15, 2018No Comments

Marketing Your Band On Facebook

Facebook is always updating the features on there website to make it easier for the end-user. Here’s a great example of something that makes it much easier for bands to promote themselves for upcoming show. You can put all the bands that are on the show as hosts so that way the Facebook event will show up in every band Facebook event page.

What usually happens for show is multiple bands will have different event pages. This helps with coordinating a larger marketing effort with all the bands behind pushing for show attendance.



Only the event host can add more hosts to their event.
To add a co-host:
  1. Click Edit at the top right of the event.
  2. Next to Co-hosts, click where it says Add Friends and enter their names.
  3. Click Save.
Hosts and co-hosts can invite more people to an event and edit event details. When you create an event, you’re automatically listed as the host.
Friends you invite to co-host your event won’t be sent a request and will automatically become admins of your event if they RSVP as Interested or Going.


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