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Why the SnapChat Updated ?

By February 14, 2018No Comments


The Evolution of Apps

So Snapchat recently updated their app automatically on everyones phone. Many people are upset with the new changes to the app but this isn’t the first time an app has completely changed the way it interfaces with the end user.

If you will remember Facebook updated their site and app many times with many different changes. People usually complain about this for a couple days but really after two weeks we all get used to it. The Main reason that Snapchat is changing the way their app functions I believe is to increase ad revenue with clients.

Snapchat is a free app for people to download and the company needs to make money to stay afloat. They also have many people who invested in the app early on. Gary VEE being one of those investors. Facebook recently tried to buy Snapchat for $10 billion. Mark Zuckerberg knows the potential to reach a younger demographic through Snapchat.


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