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BlueBird Distilling  



Bluebird is that special day. The day after the storm breaks and the sun shines through. We all know these days. It is the day you get outside and everything goes right. It can be anything, tracing through waist deep snow for the first run of the day, paddling in to a perfect glassy day, or playing the back nine with friends as the sun is setting. Bluebird is about getting out there and seizing that perfect day and everything life has to offer.


Bluebird is an accumulation of many years of hard work and love for spirits. Upon graduating college, I entered the world of corporate manufacturing/engineering. Though I enjoyed my work, I was not truly fulfilled. One day I came across an article on the first easing of local spirit laws since prohibition. That was the spark. I spent the next few years learning everything I could about spirits, taking classes, visiting every distillery possible and working with some of the best people in the industry. Along with the help of my Father and close friend Pierre, we transformed an abandoned building into a truly world class distillery. It is our goal to always create our spirits and whiskies from scratch using the best local ingredients possible. Everyday I am joined by more awesome people that share my passion. I invite you to come visit us, drink Bluebird spirits and join us in this adventure.


The Beard visits BlueBird Distilling in Phoenixville PA for a custom Old Fashion. This is my favorite place for a drink in town. You can sometimes find me double fisting them
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