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Growing UP outside of Philly

By April 5, 2017No Comments

Because wooder ice, jimmies, and hoagies are all I need.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia. My town is part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area or a Philly Suburb as we call it. When people ask where I’m from, I always answer with “I’m from ______ (town), but better yet, I’m from Philadelphia” even though I’m exactly 29 miles away from City Hall , which is right in the middle of Center City. But even though I don’t actually live there, I still get all the benefits as if I did.

1. What was a field trip in elementary or middle school if we didn’t go to the city?

I can recall multiple field trip to the Franklin Institute for science classes, or when the history department would take a trip to the Betsy Ross house, Independent Hall and the Liberty Bell. At such a young age we didn’t realize how lucky we were to grow up in an area that holds so much history about our country.

2. Down the Shore

Down the Shore is our way of going to the beach. Friends would ask how you were spending the summer and you would share “were renting a house down the shore.” What was a summer vacation without spending it at one of Jersey’s beaches.

3. You knew where to get the best cheesteaks

You always knew to get a good Philly cheesesteak you had to go to Philadelphia, and you knew about the Pat’s and Geno’s rivalry (personally I love Pat’s more). When going for a cheesesteak the lines were always full of tourists who didn’t know how to order probably (one wit wiz, one wit-out wiz) If you don’t know what that means look it up.

4. Knowing the Regional Rail

You knew exactly what line your station was on and you knew exactly where to get off. The regional rail saves you the hassle of trying to find a parking spot in a city where non were available. And you knew what time you had to catch the train so you could get the independent pass.

5. Philadelphia Sports

Do I have to say more? Philly Phans are another breed of people. We can be the worst, we can be the best, but in our minds were always the best. The passion that runs through our blood causes us to bleed red and white, green and black and orange year round.

6. You have a Wawa obsession

Let’s be real. You can’t go a day without even thinking about a Wawa hoagie or their mac and cheese, maybe a cup of their hot coffee. What ever your order is, I’m sure its something you get on the regular.

Even though you may say I’m not from Philadelphia, I will always say I am. Rather if it’s me living back at home 29 miles away or when I’m moved out and on my own, Philadelphia will always be my home, my culture, my life.

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