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Evolving During Covid: Rainbow the Clown in Pottstown PA

By May 16, 2020No Comments

Rainbow the Clown

Is your business Evolving During Covid? Here’s a story of a local business that is adapting to the current change as best they can, Rainbow the Clown.  Many businesses that are still open have had to adapt to how they do business during this heightened time for being safe. Restaurants have been changing to take out or delivery, Uber eats and services like that have a spike in business, people aren’t shopping in retail stores, etc. 

Some of these trends were already on an uprise like online shopping or searching for a business with Google searches (SEO). We now went from an up rise to completely in the course of a day. Businesses that did pay attention to their online presence are left in the dust by their competitors that do. At the end of the day it’s paying attention to the market.

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