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5 Things to Know about Sarahah

By August 7, 2017No Comments

The Hot New Anonymous Messaging App

Sarahah is currently leading the App Store charts in a handful of counties. But you might be wondering, what exactly is this app and how did it break into the coveted Top 10 list? Sarahah is a new anonymous messaging app from Saudi Arabia and this is everything you need to know about it.

1. What Does Sarahah Mean?

In Arabic, Sarahah means candor and honesty.

2. How Does It Work?

sarahah 2

Sarahah is unlike other anonymous messaging apps from the past. With Sarahah, a user creates an account, generates a link and shares it on their social media. On this page, anyone can leave an anonymous comment for the user.

sarahah 1

The app supports privacy features as well. By default, you don’t appear in search and you can’t receive messages from non registered users.

3. Who Is Using It?

Sarahah Screenshot
Image Credit: New York Magazine

Sarahah was designed to be used in a workspace environment as an anonymous way to get a bit of constructive criticism. The website’s tag line reads “Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends”. And there is a dedicated section on the site about how Sarahah can be helpful at work.

But Sarahah is topping the download charts because of teenagers who are currently on summer vacation. Teenagers are putting up links on their Snapchats to get the word out.

4. How Is It Different from Other Anonymous Apps?

Sarahah is unique in a couple of ways. Previous anonymous apps like Yik Yak were more of social networks. Someone could post something anonymously and anyone (either close by or online) could read the post. This is why Yik Yak was ultimately used for bullying and negative remarks.

But in Sarahah, the user is actually soliciting feedback by signing up for an account and creating the link. They’re also then deciding where to share the link so that only specific people can have access to it. The combination of these two features has so far kept the interactions as mostly positive.

New York Magazine talked to teenagers using the app and the response was mostly positive. Sam, a high-school student from North Carolina said: “Honestly, I’ve only gotten good messages.”

But of course, as this is an anonymous, hateful comments are bound to happen.

5. Will It Suffer the Same Fate as Others?

Most of the anonymous messaging apps we’ve seen so far are dead. Either because the company couldn’t survive or they were inundated in law suits.

It’s possible that Sarahah will go out the same way. Or maybe because how it works, the negativity will be kept to a minimum.

Download: Sarahah

What Do You Think of Anonymous Messaging Apps?

what is your opinion when it comes to anonymous messaging apps and people who use them? Do you think there’s a place for them in this world? Share with us in the comments below.




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