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VW navigation: the future is here already. Is your business?

By August 28, 2017No Comments

Is your business a typewriter?

It’s no how fast technology is advancing for businesses. As a business owner your responsibility is to understand it or at least understand it enough to hire someone who can take care of it. A built in GPS in your car is soon going the way of the typewriter. I haven’t owned one since buying my first Iphone and VW is leveraging that technological leap.




The things you love on your phone, now on your Volkswagen.

With Volkswagen Car-Net® App-Connect available on certain models, you can access select smartphone apps right from your dash.5 Maps, messaging, music, and more can show up on your touchscreen for easy display and use. App-Connect makes your phone and your car friends. It’s the beginning of a beautiful connection.







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