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  1.   Boost important posts


The best way to reach the audiences that matter to you with posts promoting your products or services is by boosting them.

Once you’ve planned your content calendar around key holiday dates, simply click Boost at the bottom of an existing or new post. This helps you:



  • Increase purchases by taking people to your site on link posts
  • Reach more people through important posts like new product or service announcements
  • Grow your customers by targeting new audiences


  1.   Boost exclusive discounts and promotions



If you’re looking to inspire more purchases from your posts, create Boosted Posts with special holiday discounts or promotions.

  • Create link posts to drive people to your site, and include special codes they can use at checkout. Use pictures or videos for visual stimulation.



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  1.   Connect with words and pictures


The right combination of themed images and alluring copy that reflect your business objectives can really get your audience interested. Keep these tips in mind:


  • Use high-quality photos that showcase your business or products, or lifestyle images of people interacting with them
  • Keep your sentences short and instructive. Add a call to action on your Boosted Posts like “shop now” or “buy today” to tell people what you’d like them to do.
  • Test different photos and messages to see which ones your audience responds to most


  1.   Keep your creative refreshed

The more recent your  posts, the more interesting people will find them. To keep your Boosted Posts from going stale:

    • Post relevant content. For example, if an important holiday has just passed, it’s time to post about the next holiday or event.
    • Test which posts work best and review their performance. Boost different posts with the same objective, but switch the photos and copy.
    • Don’t leave customers hanging. Respond quickly to comments on your posts to let fans know you’re listening to feedback.
  1.   Post consistently

In addition to boosting posts, being consistent in the quality and types of ongoing posts you create can help your audience know what kinds of messages to expect from you.

I know you are busy running your business. If you can’t handle it hire someone who knows what they are doing. Whether you think social media is important or not it will effect your business.

    • Schedule posts for when most of your audience is online
    • Highlight days to create boosted posts for major business events or product news
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