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How to Take Advantage of Google Trends for SEO

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Here’s an article about Google trends and how it effects your Search Engine Optimization for your website.



Google Trends is a modern tool from Google that assists SEO specialists analyze the reaction of people towards events, happenings and topics from all around the world. People love to search for these items in the internet and they are noted by Google Trends based on the real-time date that those events happened. With the help of Google Trends, you can take a closer look at what interest people these days in an organized perspective with all the logistics and data that you need. Whenever there is trending news, you can use the data presented to you so that you are able to react to it at the right SEO perspective.

How to Take Advantage of Google Trends for SEO

How Data is Presented

Google Trends data are pieces of information gathered out of regular Google searches. The data is in anonymous form and are segregated based on keyword listings or categories. This way of segregation makes it easier for people to analyze topic on an SEO point of view. In fact, Google Trends can magnify the data up to the city level or filter it based on real time or not.

The real time setting features data from Google searches that happened in the past week or past 7 days. In the non-real time setting, the data presented could go all the way back a few months ago or even several years back. In either setting, this only means that all of the Google searches are kept in a database and Google Trends can look them all up for you.

These data sets can be very powerful items for SEO. They give you a clear picture of what people search for in the internet at any time. However, let us also consider that these data sets it relatively new for SEO and it is still not fully utilized unlike other Google SEO tools such as Google Adwords data although they are much related to each other except that the latter is used to look at search volumes only while the former is focused on the much more specific data and dig to searches in its molecular levels.

Taking a Deeper Look at these Numbers

Data and statistics given to you by Google Trends give you the power to analyze a topic over the course of time. Most of these numbers are presented in percentages and you can clearly see how the interest of people fares over time. The percentages represent the fraction of searches done in Google on all topics at a specific time and location depending on the timeline that you are looking at. If you switch that in a regional search for a topic then you’ll find the percentages of search interest in that specific topic on all of Google at a specific time and location. Here is a brief overview of what to see out of these numbers.

If you take a look at Google Trends data regarding the 2017 Superbowl 51, you will easily notice that states with the highest interest on the said event are Massachusetts and Georgia. This is because their respective teams played in the said championship game therefore sparking a lot of interest on both states. However, if you look at the raw data then you would notice that the number of searches is far greater in larger areas with higher population but the ratio of searches towards the total number of people is much lesser compared to the two states mentioned above.

Where the Opportunity Lies

If you are able to get your hand on the data that Google Trends present in real time then you would be quick enough to react on topics before they become a legitimate trend. You will be able to stay ahead of fellow SEO experts and take advantage of the topic before your colleagues get their heads on it. A lot of SEO experts use Google Keyword Planner when it comes to taking advantage of trends and they only react towards a certain topic whenever they see that a particular keyword or a set of keywords abnormally goes up in terms of search volume. If you come to think of it, an upcoming trend would not have a definite keyword with massive search volume that Google Keyword Planner can recognize yet.

On the other hand, Google Trends would already have its hands full on the upcoming trend and if you take advantage of this tool then perhaps you would be the one who will solidify a legit keyword for it out of the content or webpage that you made for that specific topic. Google Trends is definitely a great tool to help you to stay ahead of your counterparts. Since the said tool is not that popular yet, it would be advisable to take advantage and learn the tool in order to maximize its potential for your SEO work before others can.

The world of internet marketing is constantly evolving and we will never know what is in store for us in the few years to come. Technology and internet-savvy companies will continuously manufacture programs and tools that will make it easier not just SEO specialist but for everyone who relies on the internet for their work and services.

However, as products and tools continue to improvise, there are also some that get left behind because their basic functions are no longer applicable in the current industry or where it is heading. Leaving it obsolete and later on extinct. The most important thing that we have to appreciate is the fact that the continuous influx of tools and applications such as Google Trends help us grow in our internet marketing careers. It makes work a lot easier and it feeds us very detailed information that has never before happened in the history of the internet.

Google Trends can still be considered as a relatively young product and its maximum potential is yet to be determined. But the fact that it is already out there with its multiple functions is already a lot to thank for. This program cannot also be considered as stable and its developers may eventually fix a glitch or two after sometime, but the power it has given SEO specialists is very massive and the future is definitely bright for SEO.

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