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Sad day for Koi here in Sarasota Florida Ski A Rees

Sad day for Koi here in Sarasota Florida Ski A Rees. We drove all the way out there to only find the Sarasota bay to have high winds and waves in the water. Far to rough for a kayak and a Pug. We ended up cruising around St Armands Circle. Kio had fun anyway with a trip with dad. 

My family were members in the 80s  – 90s . If you’re in the area be sure to check them out.


About The Sarasota Ski-A-Rees

 The Sarasota Ski-A-Rees was Founded October 30, 1957 and is incorporated as a non-profit organization. Membership in the organization is open to youth interested in learning about and developing skills related to water skiing and water safety, and to adults who desire to educate, coach and supervise these youth.
In 1958, Sarasota’s burgeoning community of 35,000 contracted with Cypress Gardens to present a special water-ski show for the Sarasota County Pageant. This event prompted the interest in presenting local water-ski shows. Realizing that outstanding talent was available in Sarasota, the Charter members of the Ski-A-Rees requested the City assist them in obtaining property for the purpose of promoting water skiing as a form of recreation and entertainment. The City responded favorably. With the continued support of the City of Sarasota, the Ski-A-Rees have been able to present weekly water ski shows (see schedule of events ) that have become a Sarasota tradition for over 50 years.
Our equipment, including the jump ramp, costumes , skis, clubhouse, boats and docks are maintained and improved through cooperative efforts of our club members, private business sponsorships and residents of Sarasota. We wish to extend our thanks to our sponsors. We, also, wish to thank the City of Sarasota Police Department, Fire Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Florida Marine Patrol, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol and special thanks to the City of Sarasota Marine Patrol which helps us with safety and maintenance during our shows, practices and special events.
 Of course, without the generous turnout of our audience, our shows would not be possible. We strive to improve our shows by holding regular practices and participating in the Florida State Show Ski Championship, Southern Regional Show Ski Championship and competing in the National Show Ski Championship when possible. Our club consistently wins top honors at these events along with individual accomplishments.
 We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate as there are many activities that go into running a successful water-ski show. Skiers as well as non-skiers are needed for such things as set design, costuming, music, tow boat and safety boat driving, announcing as well as skiing.  For membership information, please visit our membership page.
 The Sarasota Ski-A-Rees would like to extend a special thank you to the City of Sarasota and the County Commissioners for all of their cooperation and help in supporting the show team. Without the help from the City, the Ski-A-Rees would not have a place for practices or performances. Being a non-profit organization, the help is greatly appreciated.

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