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Elephant Education & Conservation 

I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to share space with one of these amazingly beautiful animals. Myakka Elephant Ranch is a conservation effort created to save and educate the elephant species. All the elephants that we have in the United States currently were bought and imported here in the 1980s. There are only a couple 300 elephants left in the US and it’s next to impossible to bring more in since they are very endangered. There are only may a dozen still left in circus’ and that’s about to be none due to covid. None of the elephants that are left in the US are of age to be able to breed at this point. I was in awe the whole day after spending some time with these beauties. If you’re in the Lakewood Ranch are do yourself a favor and book an education session with them. If you’re not you can donate to keep these ladies fed. They have an appetite for sure Lol.

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