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Insurance in Wayne

Susan is well known throughout the mainline and Wayne area. She has been an Allstate agent for over 25 years servicing her clients with the greatest detail to what they’re needs are.

Her years in service with Allstate is not what sets her apart from her competition. What sets her apart is her attention to detail and customer service. The staff is always ready to help their clients with any of their needs whether it’s technically their job or not. Their mission is to help every client possible and to be a reliable source for the Wayne Pa area. I know countless people they have helped with questions or needs for insurance.


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Home Owners Insurance and Auto Insurance

Susan has a staff of 20+ people to take care of all of her clients. They are constantly checking on different insurance policies and claims to give the people of the mainline the best in service. I have not found any Allstate offices that have that many on staff to give that much individualized insurance help. Most offices when you walk in only have a receptionist and maybe three or four agents.

Not only is Susan the authority on insurance for the mainline but she is also heavily involved in different charities and networking groups. I met Susan through might be and I chapter she is one of the original founding members. I often kid that she is the queen of the mainline. Every Allstate  agent in our Chester County area and beyond knows Susan Gerrity

You should know her as well. If you have any questions or concerns about your home owners policy or car insurance call her office at (610) 687-2103.



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