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How to Use SurveyMonkey

By June 15, 2017No Comments

The Easy Way to Use SurveyMonkey

The Easy Way to Use SurveyMonkey

Surveys are an effective way to get feedback regarding your product and service offerings, customer satisfaction, and even employee opinions, helping you make more intelligent business decisions. SurveyMonkey provides an easy, low-cost way to gather survey feedback. And, it’s free if your surveys have no more than 10 questions.

Follow these simple steps for survey success:

After creating your free account, just click the Create Survey button, where you’ll be prompted to select a theme and title for your survey.

Create your own questions or visit the Question Bank for expertly designed questions and responses you can adapt to your needs. Adding questions is easy. Just click on the Add a New Question button. Enter your question and response choices, select your options, then click Save or Add Next Question. Continue until your survey is complete.

Preview your survey before sending the link to customers by clicking the Preview & Test button. It’s a good idea to have several people proofread the survey to make sure the questions make sense and are error-free. If everything looks good, exit the preview and click Next to move on to the next step.

Collect responses by sending your survey through your desired channel. Surveys can be shared via web link, email, social media, or even embedded on a website or mobile app. SurveyMonkey also integrates with popular programs like Eventbrite, Hootsuite and others.

Check your responses from the Analyze Results link, and view a history of all your created surveys under the My Surveys link.

Head over to to get started today!

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