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Create Effective Facebook Lead Ads

By March 9, 2017No Comments
Reach the best audience for your company with Facebook ads

Step 1: Define your Audience

Reach the audience that you want to complete your form with our targeting options. You can use demographic and interest targeting or more advanced options like custom audiences or lookalike audiences .
Best Practice: To collect high quality leads, target a lookalike audience based on your best customers. If you target audiences similar to your existing customers you can reach the people who will provide the most value to your business.
Set the right budget for your ads

Step 2: Set Your Bid and Budget

Select either a daily or lifetime budget for your campaign. For bid, there are two options:
  • Automatic bidding, where the ad auction system will adjust your bid to generate the most leads possible within your budget.
  • Manual bidding, where you set the monetary value of each lead.
Bidding Best Practice: When optimizing for leads, it’s important that you bid high enough to get sufficient reach for your ad. If you know how much each lead is worth to you, use manual bidding and be sure to bid no less than your true cost-per-lead (the true the maximum you can pay for a lead and be ROI-positive). Lower bids may reduce the number of people in your target audience who see your ad.
Show of your creative in a carousel or video ad

Step 3: Select Your Creative

Grab attention in News Feed with engaging creative and illustrate why a person should complete your lead form. Now you can show off all your business has to offer with carousel and video creative in your lead ad.
Best Practice: Use one of the more engaging creative formats like carousel or video to stand out and capture attention.
Learn more about lead ads

Step 4: Create Your Form

To create a form you will need two things: A list of the questions you want to include in your form and a link to the privacy policy of your business. We require all advertisers who create lead ads to have a privacy policy on their business website. Learn more about the different parts of a lead ad.
Best Practice: Keep your form short with very few open-ended questions. Long forms and open-ended questions that require typing increase the work required for people which increases chances they lose interest and abandon your form without submitting it. As an alternative to open-ended questions, try providing multiple choice answer options to collect similar information.
Reach new customers with Facebook lead ads

Step 5: Lead Follow-up

Immediately following up on your leads can help drive the best conversion rates and ensure your budget is spent efficiently. You can access your leads by downloading them from your Page or receive them automatically by integrating your email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) tools with lead ads. Check out the latest list of integrations available.
Best Practice: Make follow-up easy by integrating lead ads with your marketing tools so when someone completes a lead ad the information automatically appears in your CRM tool or is added to your email list. Learn how.
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