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Recently, hackers have directed more of their attacks on smartphones.  Why is this happening?  Think about your own phone.  What have you done to protect it?  Many smartphone users don’t take the basic steps to secure their devices.  Smartphones hold lots of valuable personal and financial information.  There are over two billion smartphone users worldwide, a huge market.  These devices are very attractive hacking targets.  

Because of these hacking threats, we wrote an article about how you can better secure your smartphone.  To view the full article, please follow the link below. 

Smartphone – Five Ways to Protect Your Device
In this email, we cover two important ways you can make your device more secure:

Disable Bluetooth

When you can, we recommend that you disable bluetooth. Some hackers have used bluetooth to break into smartphones.  There are different bluetooth versions with varying levels of security.  The older versions have more security holes, while newer versions have become more secure.  In general, it is best to disable bluetooth when you don’t need it.



Be Careful about the Apps You Install

An important step you can take to better protect your smartphone is to be extremely careful about what you are downloading and installing.  The best rule of thumb is to only download apps from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store and not unofficial sites.

Apple does a great job of screening which apps become available through its App store.  You can be confident that the applications you install on your iPad or iPhone are free of malware and viruses.  The apps on the Google Play Store are more likely to have malware or viruses, but usually you can be confident when downloading from their store.  Google has a scanner which scans its Play Store for malicious apps.

Also, it is important to check the permissions a new app is requesting when you download it.  If a flashlight app is asking for permission to access your contacts, this should be a red flag.

Tech News!

This week, Facebook announced that it will be working on new technology which will allow people to control their computers with their brains.  Wearable technology will be needed to detect brainwaves.  This technology will allow people to do some computer work much faster, like being able to type 100 words per minute or more.  

To read more on this topic, please click here: Facebook Article

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