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How to Find 15 to Know location in Exton Pa

15 to Know has a location in Exton Pa at the Exton Mall. They are a rapid test facility for covid 19 in Chester County PA. Google Maps shows you that it is inside next to the food court. This is wrong. It’s behind the Whole Foods in a parking lot. The staff was great and very friendly. It’s a pretty fast line as long as no one is a diva holding it up.


About 15 To Know

Data shows that expanded testing access is necessary to control the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, knowing your COVID-19 status can provide you with security and peace of mind to resume your personal and economic activities.

We provide a rapid antigen test will enable large number of asymptomatic people to get tested for COVID-19. This test can be used repeatedly for continuous peace of mind. In fact, it has only a 1.8% probability that a negative result is incorrect, and <1% probability that a positive result is incorrect.

15toKnow provides individuals and organizations different testing options, all with reliable and fast results so you can return to your normal activities without the worry of infecting others, at school, your place of business, or your home.



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