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October 2017

Learn to Embrace Your Failures

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I had a learning experience this morning. Not a shitty day, not ruin my week event , but a failure. As much as I hate that punch to the face I love it because it’s a moment to look at why I’ve been kicked Down. 

This  gives me the opportunity to learn something to make myself strong as I go from the bottom to the top. Sure I could rent and rave about what I did wrong , beat myself up  or I can look at it to  say “how can I make my business run better looking at this setback?”

How are you view yourself will directly affect how other look at you. You get to choose if that’s a negative or positive thing. Either way don’t waste you time worrying about what others think about you. You can never make everyone happy.

Marketing for Contractors

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Contractors??? I’m gonna make this really easy for you. You’re on the job site every day you have the opportunity to create content on the spot. What are you doing? Give your audience, meaning your potential and current customers, something for free.

Do something that nobody else is doing. Here’s my idea. If your a plumber make 10 videos that are short on little do it yourself items that people can fix. Like how to fix that toilet seat that’s loose.

Be a hero for people online with handy information. Let’s say they do fix it themselves the next time they have a huge plumbing problem who the hell do you think is going to be in their head when I comes to plumbing locally?



How to get 5 star Facebook reviews

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How to get 5 star Facebook reviews. Just ask your customers. IF you’re doing your job right they will be more than happy to give you a review. Be proactive with your online presence. If you have 50 great authentic reviews from your clients getting one from a not so friendly person doesn’t affect your review average. Also having straight 100% good reviews doesn’t seem realistic these days any way. So don’t get mad and emotional. Try to rectify the situation with the client as best as you can and go on servicing the great clients you have.


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