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February 2016

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Video Production in the Philadelphia Area

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Professional Videos

One of the things that makes my job a lot easier when helping a client with website design is having  professional videos to showcase on their website. I found over the last year of building websites that video production can be a very expensive process. I help small to medium size businesses and most videography companies don’t want to get involved with the business for anything less than $1000.
At the end of 2015 I began talking with Alex Saddic from Turbo Prop Studios. We have now integrated video production into my list of services for my clients. The great thing in having a professional commercial done is that it cannot only be used on your website but also on your social media marketing.


YouTube Video Filming

Having videos for your YouTube channel also help with SEO for your website. The more content that you can add to google social networking sites such as YouTube and Google plus the better. The reason is you are directly putting content about your business on to Google which makes it very effective for building your Google ranking.

I would have to say that Google plus and YouTube are the most neglected social media platforms by small business owners. The social media sites allow you to pop up on Google maps and other mapping systems as well online which allow random customers and current customers to find your location very easily.

Social Media Marketing

Out of all the social media marketing that I help small businesses with video commercials is the one thing that they cannot do themselves. As a business owner having a professional video that represents your business is can help give people a quick visual idea. Many business owners don’t know where to start with finding a video production company.  There aren’t that many in the Berks County and Chester County area.

Offering video production was a natural solution to fill that void in the needs that my clients had for a complete marketing plan. My business is all about finding simple cost-effective solutions for my clients that will work on driving more traffic in business to their location.



Here is a video we shot quickly for Grounds 4 Good


I haven’t had a Job in a Year & I love it.

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Goodbye to having Jobs

One year ago one the best things in my life ever happened. I got fired, I got laid off, I got let go. Most people would take this as a devastating event in their life but I had other plans. I was working for a large international web hosting company called 1&1 for two years. I’ve had many jobs before working for that company and there was always one thing that was a constant.

You can lose your job any minute.

Especially when you’re working in the sales field and your income is always fluctuating. Your head is always on the chopping block and you never know if you’re going to hit your quota for the week or get canned. After five years of sales I had had enough. My entrepreneurial mindset was one of the qualities that always set me aside from the other employees in the work force. At the same time it was one of the things in the past got me into trouble with my bosses. Management is always intimidated by a person who thinks outside the box or thinking outside the rules and structures that they have provided you with. That is me in a not shell. For a year I start wondering what kind of job or business I should own that would allow me to structure my time in anyway I would like to run my schedule. I would’ve never thought that it would’ve been such a simple answer.

Social media marketing.

I have had my hand in social media marketing since MySpace was invented. I would have never thought that running my bands MySpace would one day bring me an income to live off of. I had a couple of my clients asked me to run their social media as well as their website. Most of them did not have the time or the patience to keep up with their social media presence. I have also found that there are a lot of intricate parts to a business is social media that they are missing or not being used to drive more traffic and business to their location.

Suddenly I had become an expert in something my friends laugh at me getting paid for. “You paid to just play with their Facebook and stuff.” Yes. I get paid to play with their Facebook which is an understatement. 

One of the things I noticed while working for a big company was that these small business were paying thousands of dollars to these giant marketing companies for next to nothing in results. Many of my client’s were wrapped into these 6 month to year long contracts with no option of getting out.  This was something that really got under my skin. Red Bearded Marketing was born from trying to find my clients cost effective and organic marketing alternatives that give results.

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